About Us

Lowveld Spring Suppliers has been in business for the last 29 years.

We are situated in the Barberton Industrial area. We build as well as repair leaf springs on our premises.

We are available after hours, and do not hesitate to assist you in time of need.

Team of professionals

Lowveld Springs is committed to the achievement of real growth in earnings, to meet its responsibilities to employees and customers.

Fast Turnaround Time

We know that time is money and that is way we have a fast turnaround time

Company history

Lowveld Springs has a rich history and have been in busniness since 1982.

We service the whole of the Mpumalanga, Tzaneen and Swaziland areas.


We supply and recondition all types of


5th Wheels (JOST only)

Wheel Rims

Truck/Trailer Parts

Landing Legs

PTO Pumps

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20 McPerson Street, Barberton, 1300


(013) 71 22995


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